The Lexing network is organising its first World Conference on 8 June 2022 on the theme “Artificial Intelligence and Metaverse: Legal Aspects”. This virtual event, which aims to bring together several hundred participants online, will be preceded or followed by national or regional conferences.


The 2022 World Conference on “Artificial Intelligence and Metaverse: Legal Aspects” will take place on Wednesday, 8 June 2022 from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (Paris time).



Towards a trustworthy AI. Artificial intelligence is everywhere; it now permeates all sectors and its impact is such that very few human activities will be left untouched. As a lever for growth that can deeply modify methods of production and existing business models, AI prefigures in the eyes of many observers new types of social relations that will not be purely human. It is, therefore, important to set up a genuine legal ecosystem for algorithms. From this point of view, the year 2021 will go down as a milestone: last April, the European Commission presented a draft Regulation that lays down harmonised rules and provides a framework for AI systems following a risk-based approach. The new rules will be applied directly in the same way across all Member States and will make sure that Europeans can trust what AI has to offer. Proportionate and flexible to address the specific risks posed by AI systems, the rules set the highest standard worldwide. What will this mean for businesses? How can they prepare for it? What are the next steps? And most importantly, how are businesses and legislators in other countries reacting to this draft and what are their position on this topic?

Metaverse, a new revolution? Since Meta (Facebook)’s announcements in October 2021, the metaverse has become one of the technologies of the future that everyone is talking about. Although the definition, nature and content of the metaverse are still unclear, some people think that this computer creation, which makes it possible to create a parallel universe in which we can interact, raises unprecedented legal and ethical issues. This is why metaverse should be approached from a cross-cutting and comparative perspective, with the following questions in mind: Do we need new laws for the metaverse? Does this new technology have enough specificities of its own to justify a special legal framework? Or can general law be applied in the virtual world to our avatars and digital twins, to our virtual doubles? Are there specificities that would require lawmakers to act country by country or at the international level? Shouldn’t we first think about regulation through ethics?

Programme and speakers (to be specified)

  • Welcome & Introduction by Alain Bensoussan, President;
  • The Year in Review — Highlights of the 2021 Lexing network activities by Frédéric Forster, Head of Telco division, Lexing Alain Bensoussan Avocats, Executive Vice-President of the Lexing network;
  • Regulating AI: Global and European approach by Alain Bensoussan, Jean-François Henrotte (Lexing Belgium) and Raffaele Zallone (Lexing Italy);
  • Metaverse: what regulation? by Janice Mulligan (Lexing USA), Marc Gallardo (Lexing Spain) and Daniel Preiskel (Lexing UK);
  • Metaverse and competitive entertainment (Sports Betting, Fantasy Sports, Esports, Virtual Casino etc) by Nikolaos A. Papadopoulos (Lexing Greece) ;
  • Virtual reality and digital twins by John Giles (Lexing South Africa) and Sébastien Fanti (Lexing Switzerland);
  • Thank you by Jérémy Bensoussan;
  • Q&A session.
Regional conferences

These conferences will be dedicated to the state of the law on artificial intelligence, metaverse, robots at local level, and in general to the influence of the new European regulation on state or regional frameworks.

This is the case, in particular, for the following conferences:

  • Regional conference Lexing France / Belgium / Luxembourg / Switzerland: it will take place on Wednesday, 8 June 2022 at 2.30 pm, after the World Conference.
  • Regional Conference Lexing South Africa: Wednesday, 8 June 2022 afternoon
  • Regional Conference Lexing Australia/ Lexing China/ Lexing Japan : Thursday, 9 June 2022 morning.

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