6th international Lexing® network conferenceThe annual Lexing® network conference was held from June 1st to June 3rd 2016 in Shanghai (China).

It has been an opportunity for the network members’ to meet with Chinese companies,, as well as with western ones, located in Shanghai, and to introduce them with some of the problematics linked with robot and robotics, which disrupt, both on technological and societal aspects, with our present environment.

The members have addressed topics such robots and legal personality, smart factories issues, virtual reality and artificial intelligence challenges, smart cars, drones, big data and data protection defiances.

This meeting has been the occasion for the members to welcome their last representative, the Costa Rican law firm « Lexing Costa Rica ».

The Lexing® network, global network of attorneys specialized in digital and emerging technology law, gathers 26 countries covering the five continents.

The next meeting will be held in Milan (Italy) in June 2017.