The Kinshasa-based KMC & Associés law firm, founded by Bar President Kayudi Misamu Coco, particularly renowned for its expertise in new information and communication technologies has joined the international lawyers’ network for digital and emerging law, which already includes more than 30 firms on five continents.

In 2005, the President of the Kinshasa-Matete Bar Association, Kayudi Misamu Coco, created the KMC et Associés law firm.

Today, his firm comprises about fifteen lawyers who mainly work in business law (company law, investment law and commercial law), mining and hydrocarbons law, public procurement law and OHADA law.

KMC & Associés has also developed a particular expertise in the field of new information and communications technology, with special focus on telecommunications law and intellectual and industrial property.

Representing the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) within the International Association of Lawyers (UIA), Kayudi Misamu Coco co-authored with his colleague Jean-François Henrotte (Lexing Belgium) a book on the protection of personal data in the DRC (“Protection des données à caractère personnel en République Démocratique du Congo”, published by Bruylant) in which the authors demonstrate the importance of the data economy and the need for the DRC to adapt its legislation in order to protect users.

Alain Bensoussan, Lexing® network founder and president, is delighted to welcome KMC & Associés and its founder, who is “very involved not only in the development of the legal framework for the protection of privacy and personal data in the DRC under the Telecommunications and Information and Communication Technologies Act of 25 November 2020, but also in the development of a regional uniform law in this area, under the aegis of OHADA.

Frédéric Forster, Lexing® network executive vice-president said “We are proud to welcome KMC et Associés at a time when the legal framework for the deployment of new ICT in Africa, both as a lever for digital regulation and a successful economic integration, is a major issue.”

About Lexing®

The Lexing network currently consists of about 30 members on all 5 continents. Created on an initiative of Alain Bensoussan, it allows multinationals to benefit from the assistance of seasoned lawyers worldwide with established competence in the field of new technologies in their respective countries. Lexing® lawyers share a common approach across the network that ensures they work seamlessly together to provide clients with a global, tailor-made solution consistent with the legal rules of all countries.

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