Digital Assets (NFTs, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, ICOs)

The Lexing network members can help you with all your projects involving digital assets (cryptocurrencies, NFTs, blockchain, ICOs).

The term “digital asset” is broad and can encompass different types of assets, such as cryptocurrencies (including Bitcoin, Ether) and NFTs, based on Blockchain technology.

The Lexing network has significant experience of the full range of legal issues related to digital assets, including:

The Lexing network members can address all the legal needs associated with non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Our services in this field include, for example:

  • Analysis of NFT regulations;
  • Legal assistance in connection with the NFT project itself and related rights (e.g., NFT in the fields of real estate, art and luxury);
  • Identification of the various tax regimes applicable and determination of the financial advantages of setting up an NFT project;
  • Support in protecting personal data: support in complying with regulations on the protection of personal data;
  • Strategy for protecting and enhancing the intellectual property rights in NFT projects;
  • Advice on the development of NFT projects.
  • Management of NFT-related litigation (such as counterfeiting).