The members of our team can support you in all your metaverse projects, whether you’re already established in the metaverse or looking to get started.

Metavers – virtual entities in which users, via their avatars or digital twins, will be able to lead individual or collective lives – will revolutionize the way we interact with one another.

Numerous companies have already joined – or are planning to join – these parallel universes, which mark the generalization of virtual and augmented reality and represent major economic prospects today.

The network’s teams, which have always accompanied the most disruptive technological developments and already advise companies in the fields of VR/AR, blockchain, crypto-currencies and NFT, are able to meet all the legal needs of players in the metaverse:

  • Personal data: as a metaverse constitutes the processing of highly sensitive personal data, the RGPD finds application.
  • Intellectual property: holders of intellectual property rights (copyright) and industrial property rights (trademarks, designs) must be protected in the metaverse.
  • Civil and criminal liability: How can behaviors prohibited in real life be captured in metavers? How can we prevent fraud and identity theft by using avatars in the metaverse?
  • Blockchain and NFT: the metaverse relies heavily on this technology, which will make it possible to trace all transactions carried out with crypto-currencies, the means of payment used in the metaverse.