JTIT internationale Décembre 2016This international special issue explores the privacy risks associated with the use of geolocation devices in the professional context. There has been a spectacular increase in the use of location data in the employment context. As they cost less and less and can prove very useful, geolocation systems, which can be installed on devices carried by employees (e.g. mobile telephone) and/or on (corporate or private) vehicles used by them, are now widely used by companies.

But the geolocation of employees creates inherent risks to their right to come and go and to privacy. Many countries have thus set up a framework for the use of location devices by employers in order to manage risks for and preserve the fundamental rights of employees.

The geolocation of employees is a common practice in the working environment in France too. Establishing a legal framework for the use of such a process constitutes a major stake in regards to the right of privacy.

The Lexing® network members provide a snapshot of the current state of play worldwide. The following countries have contributed to this issue: South Africa, Germany, Belgium, Costa Rica, Spain, France, Greece, New Caledonia.

Letter Juristendances International IT & T n ° 13 décembre 2016