This issue of our newsletter focuses on one of the main key tools for digital transformation: electronic signature.

Today, everything is or can be made paperless, and digital transformation is an irreversible trend. In this context, electronic signature contributes to building trust in an online environment, which is essential for consumers, businesses and administrations, as it ensures the authenticity and integrity of the data, as well as the identity of the signatory.

Electronic signature raises many questions (Is it equivalent to a handwritten signature? Why, when and how is it to be used? Has it a legal value? Is it really secure?). It can also be combined with other online trust services, such as the digital safe.

The Lexing network members provide a snapshot of the current state of play in their jurisdictions. The following countries have contributed to this issue: South Africa, Germany, Belgium, France, Greece.

Lexing International Newsletter n°14 March 2017