Lexing®, the first international network of lawyers dedicated to digital and technology law, has been created on an initiative of Alain Bensoussan, the founder and managing partner of Alain Bensoussan-Avocats, a law firm headquartered in Paris (France) specialized in IT and new technologies.

Lexing® allows multinationals to benefit from the assistance of seasoned lawyers worldwide with established competence in the field of new technologies in their respective countries.

Techniques and businesses are the same in all countries; the only differentiating factor is the law applicable to them.

Based on this observation, Alain Bensoussan has decided to set up a global network built on the same concept he successfully applied to his Parisian law firm to bring together lawyers who each combine unique expertise in technology and industry with a thorough knowledge of law.

Leveraging the network, Lexing members are adept at providing clients with a global, tailor-made solution consistent with the legal rules of all countries.

Besides their local language, most network members also speak English and French.

With Lexing, Alain Bensoussan-Avocats and the network members service the needs of international clients or those with international needs. The Lexing network offers international clients of each member the same high-quality services as they are used to have locally. The Lexing® network now comprises about thirty law firms on all 5 continents. Legal news on the members’ respective countries is published on this blog and on the Lexing pages of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.