european flagFor a statement on 2 February, the European Commission said it had reached an agreement with the United States to impose stronger obligations on major US companies of personal data from Europe and closer monitoring of its application than existing Safe Harbor for by the Department of commerce and the Federal trade Commission.

This agreement is called “EU-US Privacy Shield.”

The Article 29 group welcomed the conclusion of the Agreement “EU-US Privacy Shield.”

However, despite the efforts of the United States, he reiterated his concerns about the necessary guarantees to make.

Thus, in its press release dated February 3, 2016, the Article 29 Working Party recalls, on the basis of European jurisprudence, four essential safeguards need to be made to frame such intelligence activities, namely than :

treatment should be based on clear, precise and accessible, so that any reasonably informed person would know how its data is processed in case of transfer;
a balance must be found between the purposes for which the data is collected and processed and the rights of individuals;
an independent system should be in place to effectively and impartially ensure the necessary controls;
remedies before independent courts must be created.
The group of Article 29 calls on the Commission to submit all documents relating to the “Privacy Shield” by the end of February. It will then be able to finalize its analysis of the data transfers to the United States, during a plenary session to be held in the coming weeks.