In this issue of “Lexing Insights,” the members of the network focus on the “Governance of Artificial Intelligence

How to address opportunities and legal challenges posed by AI

2021 is going to be a particularly busy year in the field of AI: to prepare the Commission’s legislative proposal on this subject, expected at the beginning of the year, the European Parliament has just adopted a report containing guidelines for military and non-military use of AI, building on the three resolutions adopted at the end of 2020. The first binding international regulation on level 3 vehicle automation, developed under the aegis of the UN, will enter into force early 2021: flying and autonomous cars are no longer fiction!

As pointed out by the Lexing network ® during its conference on “AI & Law”, AI is a major part of the digital transformation. Our daily life is increasingly governed by algorithms: work, health, justice, police, transports, personal data…

  • What are the different sectoral applications of AI?
  • How are the multiple sectoral applications of AI regulated by law?
  • How are different countries around the world working on AI governance to best regulate AI in order to boost innovation while building public trust?
A world tour of AI governance

While our  South African member highlights the unique opportunity for Africa to pioneer an approach to regulating AI, our members for Belgium and France welcome the advent of AI in the field of justice (predictive justice, predictive policing, facial recognition) in their respective countries.

Our Spanish member reviews the challenges of implementing AI in the public sector, while our Greek member focuses on the Human Resources sector, where AI is at the crossroads of data protection law, labour law and anti-discrimination regulations.

In India, one of the key areas of operations of AI is the healthcare sector. Our  Indian member describes the existing and upcoming legislative framework applicable to AI & Health.

Our tour finishes with our Italian member explaining the issues raised by AI in the automotive sector, and particularly by autonomous cars.

The following countries have contributed to this issue: Belgium, France, Greece, India, Italy, South Africa, Spain.

Lexing International Newsletter “Lexing Insights”  No. 27 February 2021