In this #29 issue of “Lexing Insights,” the members of the network focus again on “Enabling business in a post coronavirus world” (2).

The Covid-19 epidemic has plunged the whole world into an unprecedented crisis with multiple health, social and economic consequences.

A year ago, the Lexing network members were already exploring how to enable business in a post coronavirus world. Today, as the situation is gradually improving (subject to the Delta variant outbreak) and vaccination programs are rolled out (sometimes giving rise to heated debates, as shown by the health pass in France), the time has come to review the progress made and to look again at the ways in which companies can best manage and exit the crisis.

The Lexing® network members provide a snapshot of the current state of play worldwide:

  • Can employers require employees to be vaccinated or ask if they’re vaccinated? If so, under what conditions?
  • What is France’s health pass?
  • What does the European Court of Human Rights say on mandatory vaccination?
  • What is smart working and what are its impacts on the right to disconnect?
A world tour of Covid crisis exit strategy

Our member for South Africa begins by outlining South Africa’s guidelines for employers who wish to make vaccination mandatory.

Then, our members for Luxembourg, Belgium and Australia explore the possibility for an employer in their respective countries to require employees to be vaccinated, to ask them if they are vaccinated, and to keep a record of their vaccination status.

Our member for Greece reports on the case law of the European Court of Human Rights on vaccination and describes the current position of the Greek Council of State on mandatory vaccination.

Our member for France tells you what you need to know about the health pass adopted by the Parliament on 26 July.

Finally, our member for Italy looks at smart working and its impact on the right to disconnect in a post-Covid-19 world.

The following countries have contributed to this issue: Australia, Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, South Africa.

Lexing International Newsletter “Lexing Insights” No. 29 – July 2021