In this #37 issue of “Lexing Insights” the members of the Lexing network focus on “New Space law” around the world.

New Space: from space exploration to space exploitation

New Space refers to the privatisation of space activities by new, non-governmental players (such as SpaceX, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactics, Rocket Lab, Syrlinks, ClearSpace) who are entering a market that was historically and until recently reserved for governments (Old Space).

New Space is calling into question the principles established by the major space treaties, which mostly regulate outer space exploration activities (e.g., military, scientific or commercial activities). Today, these treaties set in a different era (Old Space) appear to be outdated when it comes to regulating the space exploitation activities that are at the heart of New Space.

In France, a Senate information report published on 1 June 2023 calls for the introduction of an appropriate legal framework and outlines its main features. The next Space Summit, to be held in Seville in November 2023, could provide an opportunity to formulate a response at EU level.

A world tour of New Space law

In this #37 issue of “Lexing Insights”, we offer you an overview of New Space law around the world.

Our member for South Africa underlines the imperative of a governance framework for space to navigate the vast frontier. The article delves into the importance of a governance framework for space technologies and explore the key aspects the international community should consider.

Our member for Belgium looks at the complex but exciting legal issues raised by microsatellites and mega-constellations.

Our member for Greece describes the legal framework of space traffic management (STM) in the European Union, based on the European Commission’s EU Approach for Space Traffic Management”.

Our member for Luxembourg takes stock of the situation in the Grand Duchy, the first European country to offer a legal framework on the exploration and use of space resources.

The following countries have contributed to this issue: Belgium, Greece, Luxembourg, South Africa.

Lexing International Newsletter “Lexing Insights” No. 37 “New Space law around the world”– July 2023