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Only a few weeks before the entering into force of the GDPR, this issue presents some local specificities throughout the world.

The European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is in the spotlight. Its provisions will be directly applicable in the EU Member States from 25 May 2018 onwards.

Although the GDPR is directly applicable, it nevertheless requires the revision of national legislation in order to repeal incompatible or redundant provisions, to adopt new provisions provided for in the GDR, or to provide for adjustments in accordance with its so-called “open” clauses which leave a certain margin for manoeuvre left to the Member States.

France, Belgium and the various EU member states are on the starting blocks. The GDPR has effects that will go far beyond the borders of the European Union. This European text is for example at the heart of the debates before the American Congress in the context of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

The Lexing® network members provide a snapshot of the current state of play worldwide.

The following countries have contributed to this issue: Australia, Belgium, France, Greece, Mexico, Russia, Senegal, South Africa.

Lexing International Newsletter n°18 April 2018