ICT and media

Lexing offers you the following services:

  • Analysis, negotiation and drafting of ICT contracts: hardware, software, sale, hire, maintenance, leasing, financing, specifications. Termination of contract and unfair terms.
  • Liability of suppliers, software services providers and customers.
  • Data retrieval and telecommunications, networks, electronic funds transfer, modern types of evidence.
  • E-commerce.
  • Analysis, prevention and management of disputes relating to the honor and reputation of individuals and legal entities.
  • Prevention and management of disputes over protection of privacy and handling of personal information in official or private files.
  • Advice, prevention and assistance in legal proceedings related to all forms of cybercrime (hacking, e-diffamation, fraud, misappropriation, etc.) both nationally and internationally.
  • Advice, assistance and drafting of contracts in the field of media, advertising and online platforms.

We can make company lawyers available to your company on a temporary basis (outsourcing) for a specific project or as Data Protection Officer.

In our attempts to provide you with the most effective way of resolving any dispute you might have, we give precedence to arbitration, collaborative law and mediation instead of legal proceedings.

Many of our lawyers defend not only the interests of our clients in such cases, but are regularly called on as arbiters or legal experts.

We carry out the exequatur procedures aimed at granting enforceability to foreign judgments in the States where we are established.