Data protection and Privacy

Lexing offers you the following services:

  • prevention and management of disputes related to the data protection/privacy, either in court or via private settlement;
  • in-house audits on compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR);
  • notification of processing by the Data Protection Authority;
  • compilation of “data privacy” policies defining data management protocols;
  • organisation of data transfers to third parties;
  • intellectual property protection of your databases (copyright, sui generis protection, non-disclosure clauses);
  • in-house training on privacy issues, together with a data protection officer and the temporary assignment of a lawyer to your company;
  • the outsourcing of the Data Protection Officer position;
  • representatives of controllers or processors not established in the Union.

We can make company lawyers available to your company on a temporary basis (outsourcing) for a specific project or as Data Protection Officer.

In our attempts to provide you with the most effective way of resolving any dispute you might have, we give precedence to arbitration, collaborative law and mediation instead of legal proceedings. Many of our lawyers defend not only the interests of our clients in such cases, but are regularly called on as arbiters or legal experts.

We carry out the exequatur procedures aimed at granting enforceability to foreign judgments in the States where we are established.