Electronic communications

From the outset, the network’s telecoms practice has been built around its expertise in IT and telecoms law, two areas which converge in many respects, given the extent to which the technologies complement and merge.

In this respect, the network also has recognised expertise in sector-specific regulation – both national, Community and extra-Community – in telecoms law, including space and satellite law and related technologies.

The demand for and availability of bandwidth continues to grow as applications diversify and content becomes richer.

They have become a factor in regional development, and social demands have made them a major policy issue, for example in terms of equal access for all to information and knowledge.

These challenges are shared by the entire planet, as telecommunications networks have become key to the globalisation of trade, as have transport, electricity and water networks and infrastructures.

In addition, the rapid growth of the Internet of Things and of objects that communicate, whether they use the Internet or fixed or mobile telecoms networks, is giving rise to new issues relating to the management of scarce resources such as frequencies and numbers, but also to the increasingly pronounced internationalisation of the stakes and to the open and rapid disruption of the positions acquired by players in traditional value chains.

The network’s advisory and litigation practice focuses on legal and technical issues relating to:

  • Telecoms regulation at national, EU and non-EU level
  • General and sector-specific competition law issues as applied to electronic communications
  • Assisting local authorities in the implementation of complex public contracts, public service delegations, competitive dialogues or public-private partnerships
  • Setting up complex telecommunications projects
  • Assisting sector regulators and foreign governments in reviewing their regulatory situation and implementing regulatory changes.

We can provide your company with temporary in-house lawyers for a specific project (outsourcing) or as data protection delegates.

To provide you with the most effective solution, we offer to replace litigation with arbitration, collaborative law or mediation where this is the most appropriate means of resolving your case. As well as defending our clients’ interests in these proceedings, some of our lawyers are regularly appointed as arbitrators or legal experts.

We carry out exequatur proceedings to ensure that foreign judgments are enforceable in the countries where we are established.